Magazine Work


What Do I Write?

I write poetry, fiction, nonfiction, puzzles, and crafts for children's magazines. 

My favorite thing to write is poetry, and I love it all--rhyming, free verse, acrostics, haiku...  Regardless of form, I love the challenge of expressing an idea in a unique way, and hopefully eliciting an emotional response from my readers.  If my words make you laugh, cry, question, or ponder, then I feel I've been successful.

My published works are listed below, as well as those that have been accepted, but are not yet published.  Hopefully, I'll be adding more to this list soon!


"The Daring Jumping Spider" ~ Spider, TBD 

"Summer Nights" ~ Highlights for Children, August 2016
"The Dreamer" ~ Hopscotch, June 2014
"Winter Fun" ~ Highlights Hello, January 2014
"Doggy Dental Care" ~ Boys' Quest, June 2012
"Moonlight" ~ Highlights for Children, January 2012
"Fruit Phobia" ~ Boys' Quest, April 2011
"My Walking Sticks" ~ Fun For Kidz, September 2010
Four Haiku Poems ~ Berry Blue Haiku, June 2010
"Piano Music" ~ Jack and Jill, January/February 2010
"Pizza Night" ~ Fun For Kidz, November 2009
"The Editor's Reply" ~ SCBWI Bulletin, March/April 2009
"An Inch of Rain" ~ Fun For Kidz, March 2009
"Our Pumpkin Patch" ~ Children's Playmate, September/October 2008
"Frogs" ~ Turtle Magazine, July/August 2008
"SUBWAY" ~ Wee Ones, March/April 2008
"S'mores" ~ Wee Ones, September/October 2006
"Four-leaf Clover" ~ Wee Ones, March/April 2006 


"A Beaver Tale" ~ Boys' Quest, April 2015
"Police K-9 Training" ~ Fun for Kidz, January 2013 


"Batter Up!" ~ Boys' Quest, August 2011
"It's All Relative: A Family Word Scramble" ~ Fun For Kidz, November 2009 


"Make a Watercolor Leaf Wreath" ~ Highlights for Children, November 2009
"A Cotton Snowman" ~ Wee Ones, January/February 2008 


A sampling of the magazines in which I've been published.