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I am thrilled to announce that I am now writing for Amazon Rapids, an app with a new approach to reading. Children can see stories come to life, one message at a time!

In addition to the app's unique chat style, there's also a built-in glossary to help kids learn the definition and pronunciation of words. Plus, there's a “Read to me” mode so that kids can have stories read aloud while they follow along with the text. With hundreds of original stories spanning adventure, fantasy, humor, mystery, sci-fi, and sports, Amazon Rapids is a great way to get kids reading!


Magic Joe


In this humorous story, Joe is super excited to tell his friend Noah about all of the amazing things his new magic kit can do! 

Lost Cat


When Sarah finds a friendly feline playing in the  park, she tries her best to reunite him with his  worried owner. 

Noisy Night


 A raging storm, spooky noises, and a growing sense  of fright make it impossible for Joe and Noah to go to sleep!